The Bringhurst Family

Bringhurst Family – Smiling Faces of the American Dream

As a newborn photographer, I have found my love, my passion, my niche. It’s a rare experience when I choose to venture a bit outside of my typical ever so itty bitty newborn clients to do family sessions (check out other Kahva Families in my Family Gallery.) As a matter of fact, part of the Kahva difference is that I exclusively shoot newborns and my milestone and family sessions are generally limited to returning Kahva clients and extra special families. The Bringhurst family certainly fit the bill as an extra special family. They are all so full of hard work, dedication, adventure, and exuding all that love truly means in its purest form.

Not only do they have an absolutely gorgeous family inside and out, they also are the proud owners of a beautiful ranch and family owned business, Bringhurst Cattle, that served as the backdrop for this session.  I personally have a dream of owning some acreage and living off the land so I felt great appreciation for the home they’ve created. Such peaceful tranquility can be found when you own your own little piece of Colorado heaven that’s untouched by the busy world.

Absolutely magical moments were captured as the sun set on  the beautiful countryside. They were so fun, each  with their own personality that brought the session to life. From horses to mountain bikes, creatures and cattle, these little explorers gave me lots of different shots to capture what makes them unique. I couldn’t help but love how playful they were while certainly comfortable in their element.  Way to go mom and dad, you are have raising some exceptional children who will certainly always know the meaning of family! Talk about capturing the all American dream! I could say a thousand more wonderful things about this family, but perhaps I should let the photos speak for themselves.

Bringhurst Family at Sunseta girl and her horsea boy and his bikelittle creatures discoveredbig and little brother explorers
bringhurst boys
beautiful bringhurst girlsbringhurst girls

bringhurst children
mom and dad bringhurstbringhurst familybringhurst family laughs

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