5 Myths About Hiring a Birth Photographer


5 Myths About Hiring a Birth Photographer2016-09-21_0076


You think about how many photographs most have of their weddings yet somehow birth has enough fear attached to it, that many do not want professional birth photographer capturing this monumental occasion. Birth will inevitably change you, as it is likely going to be the second most memorable and happiest day of your life, or closely tied with your wedding day. Perhaps they are fearful of having someone else in the room or how they will look on camera, maybe they simply feel that husband or another family member can take sufficient photos on their own. I could likely write an entire article of why many people are so against birth photography. But instead, I’d like to share with you the truth of what it is, and how it will help make that first day of your newborn’s life even better than you could’ve imagined. Here are the top 5 myths about hiring birth photographer.


1. It’s too gory or gross

Many fear that birth photography will not capture the joy that is in bringing a life into this world but instead, the gory blood and details which make it seem too gross for photographs. However, many have actually described their birth memoirs as romantic, telling a story, a very unique kind of love story from start to finish. There is a focus on the details. For example, for a C-Section, little shots of prep for the surgery of mom and dad, and baby being taken out from behind the curtain, meeting mom for the first time, and mom and dad kissing as they beam with pride are all part of the story, discretion without the so called “grossness.” Unless you specifically ask for it, we don’t really want that to be your memory of birth either.


birth photographer

2. I don’t want another person seeing my woman bits, let alone photographing them

Birth photography’s aim is not to get up in your business and lady parts, but instead to capture the emotion through the experience. While some people want every angle captured and do not mind these “close encounters” so to speak, other clients do not, and that’s ok. That is why we meet beforehand and I can get a better idea of what you want as a client. While the birth is happening, I am often just a fly on the wall, out of the way as much as possible, clicking my camera in anonymity. Most of my birth clients have even told me that they barely noticed my presence during the birth process. You may think this hard to believe, but I promise you it’s not like having another family member in the room. Plus, you would be very surprised at how creative we birth photographers are at hiding nudity so nearly every image is a shareable one. For those that truly just do not want someone there during birth, there is always the option for what is called, a Fresh 48. This is when the photographer focuses their efforts on a session that is likely at the place of birth within the first 48 hours after.

colorado springs birth photographer

3. My husband can just take photographs/video

This is not a myth, they can in fact take photographs and many times there are some great shots that will be sufficient enough for you. But then you do have to ask, what about dad? Shouldn’t he also be in the photographs or wouldn’t you/he rather be more part of the birth than focused on trying to get photographs? How about for cutting the umbilical cord, would you want him behind a camera instead? Many do not think that whole scenario through, but really both of you already have enough to do that day! If this is your first, be prepared that some fathers even become so completely overwhelmed they require their own forms of medical attention. Birth photography aims to take this additional stress off of both mothers and fathers. Professionalism is really important as well. If you trust another family member to do it, your expectations may not be met and the last thing you want is this one in a lifetime experience to be filled with potential disappointment. They may feel uncomfortable and unable to take photographs which end up having that same distinct feel. A birth photographer knows the right angles to capture the expression on everyone’s faces and tell the story, instead of portraying something very different.

mom and dad with baby after home birth

4. I can’t share these photos with family

While there may be some that you choose to keep for yourself, there are quite a number of photographs that you will be able to share with family. Not only that but I create a blog and a video that tells your beautiful birth story with music that brings it all to life. There has been a trend that has helped normalize birth for many people and embracing what is the first moments for your new little baby are nothing but extraordinary. As a birth photographer, I am capturing moments that will make  you feel beautiful and you’ll inevitable want to share with others!

mom before giving birth

5. Most hospitals/doctors won’t allow it.

Actually, birth photography is still considered somewhat of a new practice. While many hospitals and doctors have policies in place that prohibit videotaping births or procedures, photographing is often allowed with the doctor’s consent. By asking ahead of time and explaining the process most doctor’s do not feel blind sighted and are willing. Nearly 100% of families would normally take photographs during the process already just more typically after birth. For this reasons hospital policies will more often than not allow for it.

c section birth

The whole experience is entirely rewarding as a photographer to be present at the birth of a newborn. There is nothing like it in the world. Even though I am quietly behind my lens the whole time, your final product, your memories are my entire purpose for those hours. I aim to take away the added stress and give you back your memories that may have otherwise been erased from memory amongst the chaos.


I hope this helped to dispel some of the fears of birth photography but I know many still come into the process with uneasiness. Feel free to communicate these anxieties with me so I can help ease your fears and provide you with the birth album that you never know you would cherish so much.

If you are in the Colorado Springs area and would like to learn more about a portrait session for your little one, please don’t hesitate to contact me! We can get you all set up with a complimentary consult, and talk about your vision and goals for your session. Whether you are pregnant and wanting to capture your Birth Story, freeze those very first days with a Newborn Session,  or even capture those first year milestones, I would be more than happy to assist you.  Let’s work together to create memories and heirloom quality portraits, that will be in your family for generations to come. Leave a legacy, leave a printed record, hang artwork. It matters. You and your children will be glad you did.
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