The Products


 The products we offer speak for themselves when you hold them in your hands. Instantly you can feel the quality and see the difference, from the enhanced colors to the elegant feel of the texture. I have found a number of unique products to offer my clients, each hand selected from a wide range of professional grade labs. I want you to have a way to display your images, that fit into the style of your home, and go beyond simply storing a USB in a drawer. However, I know that having an electronic version is important to my clients, so every image you purchase will  also provided to you in a digital format. Everything, from start to finish, is customized just for you!




Wall Art


Planning for your Wall Art begins at your initial consult, as we decide on color choices and talk about your home’s style. I will walk you through step by step as you build a display that is perfect and unique to your space! Wall Art brings to life, images that would otherwise be potentially forgotten, if they were just to be saved as a digital file. These are what make a house a home! At your Viewing and Ordering Session we will finalize how you would like to display your portraits, and I will provide you with the guidance you need to make the decision the sizes will best accomplish your goal.




Please contact me for further details and to set up your complimentary consultation, using the contact form or by phone at (253) 495-9637

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