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Vivienne Rynne Newborn Session

Little Miss Vivi is pretty special to. All “my babies” have a place in my heart, but I was lucky enough to be there for her Birth Day. And I’ve photographed this family since their middle one was a newborn. So they for sure hold an extra special place in my heart.

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Mama wanted to use slightly different colors for Vivi’s  newborn session, than we did for her sisters, but I love how they still flow together. I was able to put together several side by sides of the girls that really show much much they look alike, but yet how much they each have their own uniqueness about them. And it is a cool thing to have the colors match enough that the family can hang the girls portraits side by side and have them still match, even tho they each have their own  color scheme. These two are my favorite from their newborn sessions.

Newborn photography Colorado Springs newborn photography

Newborn Siblings


Personality From Day 1


I love that you can get a glimpse of a newborns personality from the very get go. Some are very particular, and you can tell right away what they will put up with and what they won’t. Some are easy going and will let me pose them any way I want. Not gonna lie, those babies make my day ;P And  some are just HAPPY!! I would put Viv in that category. She gave me grin after grin after grin! I swear in just about each set up she smiled for us. Love me some sleepy newborn grins!! They jsut make my heat smile!!1 I mean how can they not??

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 Colorado Springs Newborn Photography Baby Grin Smiling Newborn black and white Colorado springs newborn


Newborn Sessions are just my very favorite!! They are only this teensy tiny for just a few short days/ weeks. The time goes so fast and before you  know they are all grown up. It is such a worthwhile investment. If you are interested in capturing your little ones first days, please don’t hesitate to contact me!! I would absolutely love to chat with you about creating your own custom session to record those precious details.

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