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Pretty in Pink

You guys already know fresh babies are my absolute favorite! So I was super excited to have little Miss Newborn Hayden in studio. Plus, when mama booked she basically said here are the 2 colors I want, a family shot and a Dad shot. But other than that go for it. Do what you do best. Oh be still my heart! I can do what I want?? YAY! Newborns are my inspiration, so getting the go ahead for free range just put me over the moon.


newborn girl pink and grey



Colorado Springs Newborn Photographer


Moms Matter Too


I also love that mom actually requested a family shot during her newborn session. It is rare that moms feel up to taking pictures 10 days after birth. I get it, I really do. BUT….it matters that mama exist in photos. Even if not for ourselves, do it for your children. Our babies care, they want to see us. Leave them a lasting photographic record. The day will come, that it will be all they have left. I have maybe 10 photos of my mom from when I was a little one, and I just treasure them. It really does matter that we leave a legacy. Like I said, if not for us, then do it for them. Not to mention, you might as well get in there while you have a professional to help with posing and ensure you look your best 😉 P.S. How gorgeous are these two???? Stunners. And little Miss Hayden is just as pretty!


Newborn and Family pose



Dad Counts too

Being a military family ourselves, I really do love getting other mil families in the studio. They really are just “my people.” There seems to be a common ground regardless of what branch, how many years have been served, etc. And I secretly love it when they want to create an image honoring their service. Again, I feel like our children will want to look back at that time in their lives, and see their parents when they were young and studly LOL! Plus I’m just a sucker for seeing how teeny tiny these new babies are in Dads hands.


Newborn in Army helmet


If you are interested in booking a Newborn Session for your new baby, please don’t hesitate to contact me! I would love to chat with you about creating your heirloom portraits.

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