Coker Family

I contacted Rebekah in March when my husband and I found out that we were expecting a sweet baby with a fatal anomaly (bilateral CDH). I knew right after receiving her diagnosis, I needed pictures of my daughter whenever she arrived.

I went out of line on the Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep affiliated photographers page and straight to Rebekah’s website. I emailed her before I realized I was supposed to email an area coordinator. It didn’t matter to her- she immediately told me it would be an honor and a privilege to photograph my daughter.
Between then and now, she has gone to lunch with me, let me love on her kid, visited with my family, and taken my beautiful maternity pictures as well. She has gone above and beyond what a photographer would do for a client- she has been a friend and a part of our family.
Eden was born Friday morning and passed away after 40 minutes. Rebekah was at the hospital with us all night before, and for hours after she was born. I know there are a thousand other things she could have been doing (like getting sleep) but she photographed labor, delivery, Edens passing, newborn pictures, and even stayed long enough to take a few of her with our family.
She kissed and hugged us, gifted us with some essential oils as well as a gentle toy she brought for Eden. She checked on us twice, and already has prints on the way to the funeral home in South Carolina where we will be taking our daughter.

I know that NILMDTS services are not chargeable to the family, and it’s because there is no number that can be put on the gift Rebekah has given us. I would pick her over and over again, because she didn’t just take pictures. She walked through this with us.

Colorado Springs Newborn Photographer

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